Flyer UfE

Some general infomation about our iniative and the ideas behind it:

What is United for Europe?

United for Europe (UfE) is a recently launched but quickly growing initiative involving a number of Europhile students and young professionals from all over the continent. Our fundamental idea is the creation of a truly pan-European party that runs for the election of the European Parliament and thereby contributes to the creation of a European public space with informed and participating citizens who are aware and proud of their European and national identities.

Why is a pan-European party necessary?  

The European Union is moving more and more towards a political union, already exhibiting institutional characteristics of a federal state. But, we feel that the European people at the ground level were left behind. The ignorance amongst the population about the achievements of the Union and the nature of its political institutions is immense, easily allowing for manipulation by populist politicians. Even though the members of the European Parliament are directly elected, election campaigns are not run on European issues, but focus instead on national problems. The Members of the European Parliament are not judged by his or her performance and achievements in Parliament, but on the policies of his/her national party.

We believe that this is dangerous for the system of the EU, as the creation of a public European debate is inhibited and the people are indirectly left out of the decision-making process of their Europe.

What does United for Europe want to do?

Political parties contribute to the process of political education and the developement of opinion. A pan-European party would thus contribute to a truly European public debate, establishing it as an essential feature of the European democratic structure. United for Europe offers citizens a forum and the opportunity to participate directly in European politics, thereby stimulating interest in the EU. As a truly pan-European party running in every member-state with the same, transparent program, with a clear formulation of goals in and for the EU, we aim to overcome this current dilemma of a Parliament outside public control.

United for Europe wants to inform Europeans on a continuous basis about the EU and offer them a clear position on European issues to stimulate debate and participation in European issues. UfE wants to fill the gap that national parties and European party groupings are not addressing. Through its independence from established national structures and interests groups, UfE can consider problems from a truly European perspective keeping in mind the interest of the whole. UfE is not a big people party, but a frontrunner on European issues, offering innovative approaches and European perspectives.

What kind of Europe do we want?

The EU is today faced with complex challenges and is undergoing an unprecedented enlargement process and fundamental change through the adoption of the new Constitution. Citizens are already complaining about the lack of information and the perceived abstract nature of the “bureaucrats” in Brussels. These citizens show their frustration through abstention in EP elections. UfE wants a transparent, accountable and legitimate institutional design for the European Union with a strong parliament and direct participation by EU citizens.

Our goal is a democratic, federal system for the EU following the principle of subsidiarity , where the decisions are taken on the lowest level possible. We want a European Union with effective structures to deal with our common problems, but also a Europe with the highest respect for regional cultures and traditions. Cultural plurality is an asset of Europe and not an obstacle. UfE believes in a European identity that enriches national identities and leads to a progressive political union continuing and advancing the success story of European integration.